The Pizza Boys

Actually, the title of this recipe in the St. Mark’s Women’s Club Favorite Recipes book is Pizza Bits. I made this recipe as an appetizer for Easter. When I texted my bestie to tell her about it, my phone autocorrected “pizza bits” to “pizza boys” because, obviously, that makes so much more sense.

This recipe by Carol Maxwell is on the first page of the cookbook; in fact, it is the very first recipe in the book!

The Recipe*


1/2 c. chopped, pitted olives
1/2 c. drained canned tomatoes
1 c. grated Cheddar cheese
pinch oregano
dash garlic salt
7 bread slices

(DO AHEAD): In small bowl, blend olives with tomatoes, cheese, oregano and garlic salt. Refrigerate until needed.
(30 MINUTES BEFORE SERVING): Heat oven to 400 degrees F. Toast bread, butter it then spread with cheese mixture.
(To SERVE): Cut each toast into 4 squares. Serve at once.

What I Did

What initially appealed to me about this recipe is its make aheadedness.** Although we had a small Easter dinner, I do appreciate anything I can do ahead of time.

Much like many of the recipes in the cookbook, there is a an ingredient not initially listed that lurks buried in the procedural section, much like how one of my cats hides under the bed to attack your feet when you least expect it. This particular cat, uh, ingredient is butter.


pizza boys2
I used Monk’s Bread hearty white because, hey, support local monks, yo. Plus I figured the original recipe was probably made with white bread.
pizza boys1
Dramatically lit photo of buttered toast.

I pretty much followed the recipe as directed. I didn’t use the oven to melt the topping; I used our NuWave oven instead because it is much easier than our actual oven. Also, the actual oven had our Easter ham in it.

Pizza Boys, er, Bits pre-Nu Wave.

When I removed the melted Pizza Boys from the NuWave Oven, I have to admit they looked less-than appetizing. In fact, they looked like were pre-digested. I forged ahead, cut the toasts into quarters, and served them to my guests anyway.


Having said that and after looking at the visual, these were really good! I think they were the most popular appetizer I served. They tasted like pizza and there is something about the marriage of melted butter and cheese that really works; so much so that I have begun to butter leftover bread, put Parmesan cheese on top of it, bake it, and eat it with salad.

I do encourage you to try this recipe–it’s pretty good!

*Recipe is transcribed exactly as written, including capitalization and sentence structure.

**Yeah, I totally made up that word.

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